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Find out what shipping services are available and how much they cost


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Service Summary

Use the rating services to get shipping costs between two points at various speeds of service and with requested add-on features.

Service Interconnections

The following diagram shows the interconnections between all calls related to rating.

Rating Service Interconnections diagram

Rating functionality is provided through four calls:

  1. Get Rates
    REST   |    SOAP
    This call returns a list of shipping services, prices and transit times for a given item to be shipped.
  2. Discover Services
    REST   |   SOAP
    This call returns the list of available postal services for a given country, customer, contract, origin and/or destination postal code.
  3. Get Service
    REST   |   SOAP
    This call returns details of a given postal service in terms of the min/max weight and dimensions offered by the postal service. Also returned are details about the available add-on options.
  4. Get Option
    REST   |   SOAP
    This call returns information about a given add-on option such as how it is used and whether it requires or conflicts with other options.