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Business solutions to help you launch and grow

Canada Post ships 2 of every 3 parcels and reaches every address in Canada. We’re fast, reliable and have the largest network of post offices conveniently located near you and your customers.


Do you need to ship a parcel? From economical ground shipping to next-day delivery, we’ve got you covered with reliable and cost-effective services in Canada and internationally.


Are you looking for new customers? Whether your business is large or small, we’ll help you launch a direct mail campaign to find new customers or connect with existing ones by getting your message into the hands of Canadians.


Are you an established e-commerce merchant or are you looking to start selling your product online? Browse partners who easily integrate with us to get your online business running and growing faster, and explore solutions that will enhance your customers’ shopping, receiving and returns experience.

Small business

We have a small business program designed specifically with you in mind. Membership is free with no hidden fees. Join the half a million small businesses that ship with us!
  • Save on parcels shipped within Canada and internationally
  • Cut costs on sending direct mail pieces to advertise your business 
  • Access partners who easily integrate our shipping tools into your online store
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Larger-volume business

Do you ship more than 1,250 parcels a year, or send more than 100,000 pieces of direct mail annually? Contact us for volume-based discounts. Terms and conditions apply. 
  • Get lower postage and shipping rates based on volume. 
  • Access our Electronic Shipping Tool (EST Desktop 2.0). You’ll get up-front shipping prices and be able to print labels, track shipments and enjoy pickup. Download the desktop software or use it online. 
  • View your account balance, see billing history and pay online.
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Postal services

Get discounts for volume business mailings. We also have secure file-sharing services that let you share documents outside of your organization firewall. Forward your mail when you move or rent a post office box, we have all the postal services to help your business.

Create an integrated direct mail, digital and Facebook social campaign with our online tool, Snap Admail Plus, and apply promo code Snap150 to get $150* off your first order.

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Tips, stories and expert advice

Read the stories behind our stamps or learn shipping and direct mail strategies from industry experts.

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