Code Samples for Find a Post Office:  REST  |  SOAP

Find a Post Office

Use the outlet service to find Post Offices where a customer can pick up parcels


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Service Summary

Find a Post Office allows you to get a list of Post Offices near a given location as well as details about each one. Although Find a Post Office services can be called in any order, they are generally called as follows:

Find a Post Office Workflow

Find a Post Office functionality is provided through two calls.

  1. Get Nearest Post Office
    REST   |    SOAP
    This call returns a list of Post Offices near a given location. It also allows you to return a list of Post Offices that support the option for direct delivery to a Post Office rather than to a recipient’s address.
  2. Get Post Office Detail
    REST   |    SOAP
    This call returns Post Office details such as the daily hours of operation for a given Post Office as determined by the first call.