How to package cannabis for shipping as a licensed seller

    Here are guidelines for businesses that need to properly package medical and recreational cannabis shipments for delivery*. It’s important to follow the guidelines for both the inner and outer packaging. It’s the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that shipments containing any regulated product comply with all applicable legislation.

    The weight of the final package (including inner and outer packaging) must be a minimum of 50 grams to be processed as a licensed seller’s shipment in the Canada Post delivery network.

    Guidelines for inner packaging:

    Use a small plastic container or a vacuum-sealed bag. Most zip-top or zipper bags are not odour-resistant even if multiple bags are used.

    Tamper proof
    Include a seal to indicate if the container has been tampered with.

    Leak proof
    For cannabis oil, use a leak proof container and a sealed bag before placing it in the outer package.

    Guidelines for outer packaging:

    Unmarked cardboard box
    Whether you’re using an odour-resistant plastic container or a vacuum-sealed bag for the inner packaging, place it in a cardboard box for shipping. Outer packaging must be anonymous (no indication that the contents are cannabis). For tips on secure packaging, read the ABCs of Mailing.

    Prevent odour
    Keep outer packaging in a separate room. If packaging is kept near your cannabis product, there is a risk that the outer packaging will absorb the odour.

    Comply with shipping regulations
    Individuals and licensed sellers must comply with all government legislation and Canada Post requirements (Proof of Age, Signature and tracking).

    What if you don’t follow packaging guidelines?

    Parcels identifiable as containing cannabis due to any odour being emitted from the item or cannabis imagery on the packaging will be removed from our delivery network and treated as non-mailable matter.

    *This information is not intended to be a comprehensive guide for packaging cannabis. Using the suggested packaging does not guarantee safe and completed delivery. Proper packaging is the sole responsibility of the shipper.