Other considerations

There are several other things you should consider when preparing your Machineable Mail items, especially pertaining to Repositionable Notes (RPNs).

Application of Repositionable Notes (RPNs)

We accept Repositionable Notes (RPNs) on items if:

  • They’re square
  • They don’t exceed 76.2 mm x 76.2 mm (3 inches x 3 inches)
  • Their glue strips cover at least one-third of the total width of the note (for example, a 25.4 mm [1 inch] glue strip on a 76.2 mm [3 inch] note)
  • They’re applied by a machine, not manually
  • You position the glue strip across the top edge of the label
  • They don’t display addressing information
  • They don’t have fluorescent or phosphorescent ink
  • They’re applied on the front of mail piece in the address zone
  • You apply only one note per mail item

We recommend RPNs be at least 5 mm from the address block and 10 mm from all edges.