Examples of acceptable non-paper enclosures

You can include non-paper enclosures with your mail items. Some examples are found below.

Flexible magnets

We accept magnets as enclosures if they’re:

  • Not so strong that they cause envelopes to stick to each other or to the equipment
  • Firmly attached to the mail item
  • Attached so that the non-magnetized (image) side faces the address side of the envelope


An example of a CD or DVD to be enclosed with a Personalized Mail item

We’ll accept a single CD or DVD if you place it inside a pocket in a flexible envelope. You can’t enclose it in a hard jewel case.

You must also meet the following requirements:

  • The envelope dimensions must be no more than 174 mm x 136 mm and no less than 170 mm x 129 mm
  • The inside pocket must be between 129 mm and 135 mm in width
  • You must glue (fuse) the left and right edges of the envelope as shown
  • You must glue the trailing edge of the envelope along its entire height

You must submit designs that deviate from these requirements to us for approval.

Plastic card

We’ll accept a single plastic card (for example, a credit card) if it’s:

  • Firmly attached to the insert so the card can’t move inside the envelope
  • Positioned at least 19 mm up from the bottom edge and at least 10 mm from the right edge

Key tags/single coin

An example of a Personalized Mail envelope demonstrating the acceptable area for key tags or single coins

We’ll accept key tags/single coin as enclosures if they’re:

  • Firmly attached to the insert with glue or adhesive to prevent any movement
  • Positioned:
    • Between 35 mm and 85 mm up from the bottom edge of the envelope
    • 25 mm in from the left and right edges of the envelope
    • Outside the postage zone

Please note: Key tags must be made of a flexible material (not metallic). You must cover any windows you use to make the coin visible.