Frequently asked questions about the beta home page

    Our beta dashboard tests the new experience in order to deliver a better final version. You may come across some rough spots as you use it, and we’d love to know about them so that we can improve your future dashboard.

    During this phase, your feedback is invaluable in identifying any issues. Thank you for trying our beta dashboard. We're excited to have you on board.


    What is the beta home page experience?

    The beta home page experience lets you try an updated version of the dashboard for your personal account on the Canada Post website. It has a new look and provides quick links to your subscribed services, access to your list of recently tracked packages and status updates for your Mail Forwarding or Hold Mail services (if applicable). 


    How do I participate in the beta home page experience?

    To try the new beta home page, sign in to your personal account, navigate to the dashboard, and then either click on the link featured in the blue banner at the top of the page or click the “Try the beta home page” button. You will then be directed to the beta home page.


    What will I see on the beta home page? 

    The beta home page experience will offer:

    • New top navigation to access signed in features such as Mail Forwarding, Hold Mail, Ship Online and quick access to tools
    • Right navigation to access your profile and subscribed services
    • A new feed with tracking updates and status updates to your Mail Forwarding or Hold Mail services (if applicable)
    • An option to provide feedback on the beta home page or flag any issues


    Can I try the beta home page in the Canada Post app?

    No, not at the current time.


    How much does the beta home page experience cost?

    The beta home page experience is completely free for all Canadians with a Canada Post personal account.


    How long will the beta home page be available? 

    The beta home page will run until we have received sufficient feedback. We will notify you on the home page before the beta ends.


    The beta home page is not working, what can I do?

    If you're experiencing problems with the beta dashboard, please refresh your webpage or clear your cookies. Alternatively, return to the previous dashboard. If significant issues persist, we'll automatically redirect you to the old dashboard.


    How do I opt out of the beta home page?

    To opt out on the website, click on “Return to the old version” at the top banner of the home page.


    How far back can I see my tracked packages?

    The new home page tracking update feed will show packages delivered within the past 10 days, as well as any packages in your track list that are currently on the way.

    We will be evaluating and listening to our users to see if we should increase the length of time for tracked package updates. Be sure to send us your feedback to make your voice heard.


    I don’t see all my tracked packages. Can I still access my full track list?

    Yes, you can still access your full track list. On the website, you can see your list of tracked packages by selecting “Tracking” at the top of the page.


    Where can I find my estore orders? 

    The beta home page does not currently showcase estore orders. To view your estore orders, you will need to click on “Return to the old version” at the top banner of the page and access the estore through the dashboard as you would normally.


    How do I provide feedback or report a technical issue for the beta home page experience?

    You can complete our survey to submit your feedback or report a technical issue.