Access to Information at Canada Post

    Canada Post has been subject to the Access to Information Act (ATIA) since September 1, 2007. You can access Canada Post records if you are a(n):

    • Canadian citizen.
    • Individual who is present in Canada, but is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident within the meaning of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
    • Corporation that is present in Canada.

    How to direct an ATI request to Canada Post
    A. Print and complete the Access to Information Request Form. There is a $5.00 application fee for each request. You can pay by cheque or money order, payable to Canada Post Corporation.
    B. Alternatively, you can submit a written request with the following:

    1. A statement that you are making a request in regard to the Access to Information Act.
    2. A detailed description of the records you wish to access.
    3. How you wish to receive the documents, either:
      a) paper photocopies of records, or
      b) visit Canada Post's premises to view them
    4. Your name, complete address, and telephone number during regular business hours.
    5. The current date.
    6. Your signature.

    In both cases (A and B), send your request along with the application fee to:

    Access to Information Directorate
    Canada Post Corporation
    2701 Riverside Drive Suite N1180

    How to contact the Access to Information Directorate at Canada Post

    If you have questions or comments concerning the administration of the Access to Information Act at Canada Post, please contact the Access to Information Directorate at the address above or by telephone:
    Toll free: 1 (866) 913-2473
    Fax: (613) 734-6660

    NOTES: Learn more about records of a personal nature and the Privacy Act.
    Info Source is a series of publications containing information about all Government of Canada departments, its organization and information holdings, including those of Crown Corporations such as Canada Post. It’s a key reference tool to assist members of the public in exercising their rights under the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

    Business travel and hospitality expenses

    This section provides information on the business travel and hospitality expenses incurred by the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation.

    The Canada Post Group of Companies includes Purolator Inc., SCI Group Inc. and Innovapost Inc. We maintain the largest retail network in the country with approximately 68,000 employees and almost 6,400 retail post offices across Canada. We serve more than 15.3 million points of call across Canada.

    To serve our customer and employee needs, Canada Post's President and CEO is required to visit various locations on a regular basis. Canada Post is also a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). As such, he may be required to travel internationally to meet with other postal administrations, business partners, or to attend conferences.

    The rules and guidelines for reimbursing travel and hospitality expenses are contained in Canada Post's Travel and Expense Claim Policy. This policy provides directives for reimbursement of legitimate and reasonable expenses incurred while conducting business on behalf of Canada Post.

    Business travel and hospitality expenses on this site will be updated quarterly.

    Please note that information that would not be disclosed under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act will not appear on this site.

    2013 2nd quarter Transportation and travel Accommodations and meals Hospitality Total expenses

    Deepak Chopra

    $ 4,532

    $ 387

    $ 123

    $ 5,042