Publications Mail qualifications

    Find out if your mailing qualifies for Publications Mail rates — before you print it.

    Avoid higher mailing costs — check to see if your mail piece content qualifies for Publications MailTM postage rates. Please contact us and we will review a sample of your mail piece (preferably in PDF format) before you print or send it.

    Items that qualify as Publications Mail

    To qualify as Publications Mail, your publication must meet all of the following requirements:

    • Be in the format of a newspaper, magazine (including magalogues) or newsletter.
    • Consist of a single publication or a bundle of the same publication destined to a single address.
    • Addressed to a subscriber, non-subscriber or news dealer.
    • Published with a regular frequency and at least twice a year. Newly-launched publications may qualify as Publications Mail even though the frequency of publication is undetermined.
    • Contain news and information intended for public dissemination.
    • Contain a maximum of 70% advertising content in more than half of the issues in a 12-month period.
    • Be deposited in Canada and addressed to Canadian addresses.

    Items that do not qualify as Publications Mail

    • Handbooks and manuals, including their amendments.
    • Street, telephone or other directories. See exceptions.
    • Catalogues.
    • Annual reports.

    Learn more about Publications Mail or read the Publications Mail customer guide.

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