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    Send magazines, newspapers and newsletters at discounted rates

    You may be eligible for lower postage rates when you send Publications MailTM in Canada. To qualify as a publication your item must have a minimum of 30% news and editorial. Terms and conditions apply.

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    How to get started with Publications Mail

    If you’ve never used direct mail before, or you’d like more information, please get in touch with us. 

    We’ll answer your questions about:
    • What’s considered Publications Mail –there’s a maximum ratio of 70% advertising to 30% news and editorial. Catalogues, books, and annual reports aren’t considered Publications Mail.
    • How the pricing works –we’ll tell you how to create machineable mail to keep costs low.
    • How to update and clean your mailing list to lower postage costs.
    • How to increase your customer responses with  prepaid reply mail.
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    Pricing starts as low as $0.54 per mail piece when you sign up with Canada Post. See if you qualify for large-volume discounts! Price excludes taxes and is subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply.

    When will my items be delivered?

    3-8 business days
    Your delivery time starts on the first business day after you drop off your items before 4 p.m.
    See our Publications delivery standards for specific times.

    Need more details on sending Publications Mail?

    You’ll learn about:
    • Pricing based on the item’s weight.
    • Standard size and weight measurements to help you design your mailing.
    • Preparing your mailing into bundles for processing.
    • Creating your order using our online shipping tools.
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