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    Customized Mail Forwarding information is currently only available to commercial account users. If you are a commercial user, sign in to see the content of this page and have the ability to submit a request form.

    Commercial customers can be eligible for custom solutions

    Businesses that receive large volumes of mail may qualify for customized Mail Forwarding. Fill out an application and we will review your account for eligibility.
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    What you can get from a custom solution

    We can tailor the service to your particular Mail Forwarding needs.

    Expedited start time

    Receive your forwarded mail sooner with an earlier service start date.

    Centralized service

    Request an evaluation to find out if mail from different business names at a shared address can be forwarded together and avoid paying additional fees for multiple names.

    Convenient payment

    Bill your service to your Canada Post account and pay for Mail Forwarding with your available account credit.

    Application process

    Submit an application to find out if you qualify for customized Mail Forwarding. Once your form is submitted, we will review your request and be in touch within 10 business days.
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