How to use Track

Our Track tool provides the latest information on the location and status of your package. We update our information as it becomes available.

To get started, you’ll need one of the following:

  • Tracking number from your receipt or package
  • Delivery Notice Card that you received
  • Reference number provided by the person who shipped the package and the shipping date

Find your tracking number

Please note

Only the sender can provide the tracking number. We don’t keep records of tracking numbers by addressee name, address, or contact information.

To track your package:

A numbered diagram showing the Tracking numbers box (step 1) and the Track button (step 2).
  1. Enter a tracking number, Delivery Notice Card number, or reference number in the Tracking numbers box. To track more than one package, press Enter and add another number.
  2. Press the Track button to view your results.

Track your package now

What’s a tracking number?

A tracking number is a unique number assigned to each package which allows you to monitor the movement of the package between destinations. Tracking numbers can be international or domestic.

You can find your tracking number on your receipt or directly on your package.

Tracking numbers are made up of either:

  • 16 numeric digits


  • 13 alphanumeric characters

Find your tracking number

What’s a Delivery Notice Card number?

An example of a Delivery Notice Card.

A Delivery Notice Card number is made up of 15 digits and serves the same purpose as a tracking number. You can find your Delivery Notice Card number on the notification card you received in the mail.

What’s a reference number?

Senders create reference numbers for some packages. If a reference number is available for your package, you can contact the sender to request the unique number or description. If you ordered your package online, you may find a reference number in the shipping confirmation email from the sender.