How do I set up an automatic order for stamp products?

    To create or modify a standing order, call the National Philatelic Centre at 1-800-565-4362.

    Standing orders are your pre-selected stamp combinations/configurations. We process your order automatically and without handling fees.

    Note: Configurations vary from release to release. We will send you any of the items that you select from the following list as long as they’re available.


    Some stamps are issued in booklets/packs of various sizes and are either sealed (S) or unsealed (US).

    Full pane

    A full sheet or pane of mint stamps. Canadian philatelic-quality panes usually include inscriptions (printing information) in their margins (selvedge).

    Souvenir sheets

    A special arrangement of stamps from a particular issue, presented within a framework of graphics and images in the selvedge. Available in regular (RG) and occasionally in overprinted versions (OP).

    Official First Day Covers (OFDC)

    Special collectible envelopes issued as part of a stamp issue. The envelope bears the stamp cancelled at date and place of issue, with background information and pictures about the issue.

    Please note the following abbreviations:

    Single (SN) / Upper Left Corner (UL) / Upper Right Corner (UR) Lower Left Corner (LL) / Lower Right Corner (LR)

    In some cases a combination (CM) of different stamp designs from the same issue is offered on 1 OFDC (e.g. all 3 denominations of Christmas stamps). Or, if a souvenir sheet is available for a particular stamp issue, a souvenir sheet OFDC may also be available.

    Annual Official First Day Cover collection

    An entire year’s collection of first day covers shipped together in 1 package annually in November. Free products included with the pack include an illustrated 1-page guide that shows all the first day cancels, an attractive keepsake box to store the collection, and a metal commemorative plaque engraved with the year.

    Collection Canada

    A hardcover book featuring stories and photos of the entire year’s stamp program. The collection includes every stamp design issued for the year, along with customized protective mounts.

    Corner blocks

    The 4 attached stamps from the corners of a stamp pane. Collectors can specify which corner they would like: Upper Left (UL) / Upper Right (UR) / Lower Left (LL) / Lower Right (LR).

    Corner sets

    Sets of all 4 corner blocks taken from the same pane.

    Strip of 4 or strip of 10

    A strip of 4 stamps or 10 stamps from a coil of domestic, U.S., international or oversize rate stamps. Strips are also available from large coils of domestic stamps.