What ID is required to pick up mail at the post office?

    When you pick up an item at the post office, you will need to show acceptable identification. It must be original, valid, government-issued photo ID with a unique identifier number. If the photo identification does not contain the address (for example, on a passport), proof of residency is required.

    Accepted photo identification

    • Canadian Forces Identity card
    • Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) ID card*
    • Canadian/Foreign Passport
    • Certificate of Indian Status Card
    • Driver’s licence (Canadian / Foreign)
    • Firearm Acquisition / Firearm Possession card
    • Health card with photo where not prohibited
    • Permanent Resident card
    • Provincial / Territorial Identification card

    If you don’t have access to photo identification

    Customers who cannot provide any of the required photo identification can show 2 documents from the accepted proof of residency list AND 1 of the following official items:

    • birth certificate
    • baptismal certificate
    • health card without a photo (where permitted)
    • any other acceptable identification that is listed in the postal guide

    What to bring if you are collecting

    Your own item

    Acceptable government-issued photo ID

    On behalf of someone else or home-based business

    • At the same address

      Acceptable government-issued photo ID that shows you have the same address as the address on the item
    • Do not live at the same address
      One piece of acceptable government-issued photo ID and one of the following:
      • Delivery notice card signed by the addressee and with your name listed as the authorized individual.
      • Letter of authorization or legal document (such as a power of attorney) demonstrating your authority to act on the addressee’s behalf.

    On behalf of a business (not home-based)

    Acceptable personal government-issued photo ID and a letter of authorization or legal document demonstrating your authority to act on the addressee’s behalf

    Why is identification required?

    • To ensure mail and other products and services are properly provided.
    • To help protect you from identity theft and other improper uses of products and services.
    • To permit follow-up if further investigation is required.
    • To comply with the law to collect identification for certain types of financial transactions.

    Canada Post is subject to the Privacy Act and therefore the collection, use, disclosure, retention and disposal of personal information by Canada Post and its agents are done in compliance with the Privacy Act.

    Canada Post reserves the right to refuse any request for products or services if the identification requirements are not met. Requirements may vary by product or service and are subject to change.