What are air stage offices?

    Many remote communities are served by post offices called air stage offices. At these offices, mail needs to be airlifted in and out for more than 6 months of the year.

    Shipping to and from air stage offices

    Regular shipping costs apply for parcels shipped to or from an air stage office using:

    • Xpresspost
    • Expedited Parcel™ (contract customers only)
    • Regular Parcel


    Due to the cost of transporting shipments in the North, Expedited Parcel prices apply when you use Regular Parcel to send:

    • More than 5 parcels, or more than 20 kg of parcels on any day.
    • More than 20 parcels, or more than 80 kg of parcels in any month.

    Note: These extra charges do not apply to parcels sent within the same postal code or FSA (Forward Sortation Area).