How to send back an item you bought online

    Check your receipts or contact the retailer to find out any rules or conditions about return shipping.

    If the retailer pays for return shipments

    1. Look for:

    • A prepaid label sent with the parcel,
    • Instructions for either printing a label, or
    • How to get a return code to give to the post office clerk who will create a shipping label for you.

    Confirm the pre-payment details before you go to the post office.

    2. Give your labelled parcel to the post office clerk. Get a receipt to prove that you sent the package.

    If the retailer doesn’t pay postage for return shipping

    You’ll have to pay to ship the parcel.

    1. Bring your parcel to a post office.
    2. Choose either Regular Parcel™ or Xpresspost™ service to ship your parcel. To return a purchase to the U.S. or internationally, ship the package back using the parcel service that best meets your needs. You can compare them here.
    3. Note: We recommend asking for a signature at delivery, to prove that the parcel arrived safely.
    4. Pay the clerk for your shipping label.
    5. Stick the label on the parcel and give it to the post office clerk.
    6. Ask for a receipt, to prove that you sent the package.