Lightweight shipping help page

    Do I need to be a member of Canada Post Solutions for Small Business™ to participate?

    Yes. You must use your Solutions for Small Business customer number to access Canada Post Snap Ship™. If you are not a member, sign up now – it’s free.

    Which shipping service should I use to ship for the discount?

    The discount is only applied to Expedited Parcel™ within Canada for packages that weigh 250 g or less.

    How do I accurately weigh my package?

    You can weigh your package at home or at a post office (if you are creating your label at a post office). If you are weighing at home, you can use a shipping scale. We regularly weigh packages throughout our network and your package may be subjected to reassessed shipping costs if it weighs more than indicated (actual or volumetric weight). Please review our policy before shipping, to avoid additional charges.

    Is there a weight or size restriction for my Expedited Parcel™?

    Yes. These reduced rates have a limit of an actual or volumetric weight of 250 g or less (0.5 lb) for Expedited Parcel . You will be charged for any extra weight at regular rates. Find out how to calculate the volumetric weight of your package.

    How can I keep my packaging light?

    When shipping lightweight packages, consider using light packaging, such as bubblemailers, to keep your package as light as possible.

    Get additional insights into best practices for packaging before you ship.