Return to Sender

Items that can’t be delivered will be returned to the sender for a fee, payable by the sender.

Where the item bears postage stamps or a meter impression denoting the original amount of postage, the item will be returned for an amount equal to the original postage (less any option fee) using the postage due process.

The return of an item depends on the regulations for return of mail in the specific destination.

Items are returned to the sender when:

  • The addressee refuses or doesn’t claim the item
  • The delivery address is incomplete or doesn’t exist
  • The addressee is no longer at the address and no forwarding address is available
  • An improper shipping label has been applied
  • The item’s dimensions or weight exceeds the allowed maximum
  • The item’s customs and content information are incomplete or illegible
  • The item bears a tracking number that was used on a previous shipment
  • The destination refuses entry to the item

You’re responsible for the Return to Sender service fee, regardless of the reason for the return. We treat returned items you refuse (as the shipper in Canada) as undeliverable and dispose of them or recycle them at your expense, as per our policy on undeliverable items.

Please note:

We include liability coverage against loss or damages of up to CAN$100 for:

  • Xpresspost™ – USA
  • Xpresspost™ – International
  • Expedited Parcel™ – USA
  • Tracked Packet™ – USA
  • Tracked Packet™ – International
  • International Parcel™ – Air
  • International Parcel™ – Surface

Additional Liability Coverage isn’t available.