Packaging requirements

You must securely package all items with enough cushioning and reinforcing material to prevent:

  • Loss of or damage to the items
  • Damage to postal equipment or other mail
  • Injury to people handling the items

Items may be subject to delay or may be refused and returned to the sender at your expense if:

  • You improperly package or label the items
  • The items are missing or showing illegible customs or item content information on the shipping label
  • You mis-declare the items or the items lack proper documentation

You may need to pick up the item if shipping could damage the item further.

Customers who ship Oversize or unpackaged items (pails, tires, and so on) must pay a surcharge.

Please note:

  • We never combine the Oversize Surcharge and Unpackaged Items Surcharge. If you pay the Unpackaged Items Surcharge, then we waive the Oversize Surcharge and vice versa.
  • FedEx has the right to open and inspect any shipment to make sure it doesn’t contain prohibited or dangerous goods.