Types of Mail Forwarding service

There are two Mail Forwarding service types that are available:

Mail Forwarding for moves

Use Mail Forwarding for moves if you’re:

  • Not returning to your original address
  • A homeowner, renter, or business moving or changing post office boxes
  • Managing an estate or receiving mail for a deceased person

Mail delivery resumes to the original address upon service expiry. It’s your responsibility to notify correspondents of the new mailing address.

Please note: When you buy Mail Forwarding for moves (residential) you’ll get personalized information about your new neighbourhood as well as valuable coupons and offers.

Mail Forwarding for temporary relocation

Use Mail Forwarding for temporary relocation if you’re:

  • A snowbird going south for the winter
  • Relocating during:
    • Renovations
    • A temporary job
    • An extended vacation
  • Managing mail on behalf of someone else

You can also use Mail Forwarding for temporary relocation for any other reason when you’re still associated with the current address.