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If you’re using windows on your mail item, make sure that you cover them all with transparent materials.

Window envelope guidelines

An example of proper window placement for a Personalized Mail item

The address window must be:

  • Found in the address zone. The address zone must be located 100 mm from the right side of the item.
  • Large enough to show all of the destination address even if the enclosure shifts in the envelope.

The address must be separated from the return address (in the top left of the address zone) by 15 mm.

The postage zone is located in the top right of the item and measures 74 mm by 35 mm.

Auxiliary window

Besides the main address window, other (auxiliary) windows may appear either on the front or back of the mail item. If you put the auxiliary window on the front of the mail item, it must:

  • Be at least 10 mm away from the edges
  • Be clearly separated from the address window by at least 7 mm
  • Not be located in the postage zone

To accommodate shifting, leave 7 mm to 10 mm around the address block.

Oversize items

If you put the auxiliary window on the back of the mail item, it must be at least 15 mm away from the edges.