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How to assess Machineable Mail items before mailing

To ensure that we can process your mailing on our machines and that your mail items meet the requirements for Machineable Mail, we offer free evaluation services.

You have several assessment options.

Standard self-assessment tool

Complete your own self-assessment by using our Machineable Mail self-assessment tool

Electronic sample evaluation

Contact a Commercial Service Network (CSN) representative at 1-866-757-5480 to provide an electronic sample (PDF) of your mail item.

The electronic sample must clearly show how you'll construct the item and include the:

  • Finished item size (for example, length, width, thickness, and approximate weight)
  • Paper basis weight
  • Fold locations (for self-mailers)
  • Sealing location and sealing method (for self-mailers and envelopes)
  • Window location (if applicable) and address location

Our Commercial Service Network (CSN) representative may ask for more testing if the electronic sample doesn’t provide enough information. We need physical approval testing when you use creative features.

Physical approval testing

Customers requiring a physical test of their mail items on our mail processing equipment must send 200 samples of the final version of the mailing. Call a Commercial Service Network (CSN) representative at 1-866-757-5480 to get a service ticket number and the address to send your samples. This process is optional, unless your mail item uses creative features defined in the mandatory requirements section.

To test readability, you must address your mail items. You can use the same address on all items.

Any valid Canadian address is acceptable.

When 200 samples aren’t available for physical testing, our Mail Standards and Testing team can give feedback on a to-scale mock-up (or prototype). To have your prototype evaluated, contact a Commercial Service Network (CSN) representative at 1-866-757-5480.

Please note: If we provide feedback on a prototype, it doesn’t mean we’ve approved it. However, you may find our feedback helpful before you produce 200 items for physical testing.