Getting started

You must buy Hold Mail service at least 3 business days before you want us to hold your mail.

You’ll need a government-issued photo ID and proof of authorization if you’re ordering on behalf of another person.

If you provide an email address, we’ll send you confirmation including service details and a reference number. You can use the reference number to extend or make changes to your service.

To buy online 

  1. Enter your address and ID information.
  2. Choose the hold start and end dates.
  3. Pay with your credit card.

To buy at a post office:

  1. Fill out an order form at home to save time at the post office.
  2. Visit your nearest post office.
  3. Show your ID and form.
  4. Pay.

Please note:

  • If your personal ID doesn’t have a matching address, you're required to provide additional ID or documentation.
  • If you’re holding mail for someone else – or someone else’s business – you must show a legal document demonstrating your authority to act on behalf of the other party.