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Promotion of cannabis

It’s only acceptable to promote cannabis, its accessories (including vaporizers), or any related services if the promotion is sent from:

  • A person who’s authorized to produce, sell, or distribute cannabis provided they address the promotional material to a specific person.
  • A business that sells or distributes:
    • Cannabis
    • Cannabis accessories (including vaporizers)
    • Services

These businesses can’t directly or indirectly target consumers and must only promote to businesses that:

    • Produce cannabis
    • Sell cannabis
    • Distribute cannabis

Acceptable services

  • Lettermail™
  • Personalized Mail™
  • Publications Mail™

The promotional item must be:

  • Addressed to a specific person
  • Sealed in an envelope or self-mailer

The promotional item must not:

  • Include cannabis
  • Include cannabis scented paper, ink, or sealing adhesive
  • Have any graphics or text on the outside that identifies its contents

Please note:

  • You can’t send promotional material using Neighbourhood Mail™ and Postal Code Targeting services.
  • You may use any of our services to promote accessories (including vaporizers) without specific reference to cannabis.
  • It’s your responsibility to follow the requirements outlined in the Cannabis Act and adhere to all other applicable laws.