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How we charge

We may in our sole discretion invoice you on the basis of:

  • The documentation you submit with your mailing, including your weight and dimension declarations


  • Any audit by us


  • A default weight of 5 kg (11 pounds) if your weight declaration is missing or for whatever reason unusable

Where we charge the base price based on our audit, price adjustments will appear on your next or a later invoice.

If you don’t complete and send all the documents we require for a shipment, or if the documents are incorrect or incomplete for any reason, the items of the shipment may, at our discretion, be:

  • Returned to you at your expense to make them compliant
  • Processed and charged at the next or most appropriate product or service category, where available, and/or made subject to an additional administrative surcharge
  • Refused for shipping

Besides the base price and administrative surcharge referred to above, we also apply other surcharges. See our Pricing page for more information.