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Cremated remains

Acceptable Services

Within Canada:

  • Priority™
  • Xpresspost™
  • Expedited Parcel™
  • Regular Parcel™

U.S. and International:

  • Xpresspost™ - USA
  • Xpresspost™ - International
  • Expedited Parcel™ - USA
  • Tracked Packet™ - USA
  • Tracked Packet™ - International

Please note: Prohibitions or restrictions may apply when shipping internationally. You’re responsible for making sure your mail item is acceptable in the destination country. Refer to our International destination listing tool for further details.

You mail all items at your own risk. We make no coverage for loss or damages available for this type of mail.

You’re required to ensure:

  • The destination and return address are correct and complete.
  • The inner container is packed in a sealed container (urn or otherwise) and placed inside an outer container. You must protect breakable inner receptacles with enough packing material.
  • The outer container is durable and sift-proof.
  • A certificate of cremation, issued by the proper authority, accompanies the remains. You must enclose the certificate in a plastic envelope and secure it to the top of the parcel.