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Our automated equipment can decipher a wide range of addressing styles, but consistent and correct addressing reduces the need for extra handling or redelivery by us.

Example of proper addressing

To avoid unnecessary delays in delivery of your mail items, you should:

  • Print the address in uppercase.
  • Include two spaces between the province or territory and the postal code.
  • Print postal codes in uppercase with the first 3 elements separated from the last 3 by a space. Don’t use hyphens. If the postal code isn’t formatted in this manner, the mail may be delayed.

Here’s an example of proper addressing format:

  1. The addressee (first line)
  2. Additional delivery information (second line)
  3. Civic address (third line)
  4. Name of the city, province, and postal code (last line)

Please note

See our Addressing guidelines for addressing details, tables of abbreviations, and symbols.