How to suggest a stamp theme

    Tell us your idea for a Canadian stamp theme

    We love hearing your ideas for stamp themes. We even have a dedicated Stamp Advisory Committee to select the best ideas submitted by Canadians. Find out how to send us your theme suggestion.

    Reflecting and celebrating our nation

    Stamp themes reflect the best of our nation. Through the artistry and craftsmanship of stamp designers, we create postage collectibles on a variety of Canadian topics. We encourage subject submissions that reflect and celebrate our nation, including:

    Heroes and personalities

    People who’ve made an impact in our country

    Heritage and traditions

    Stories and celebrations that reflect the fabric of Canada

    Landmark events

    Moments that have shaped our nation and the world
    You can participate in shaping the subjects portrayed on these commemorative items. 
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    How to make a stamp theme submission

    Create a stamp subject description
    To formally submit your stamp theme suggestion, provide a brief description of the subject including:
    • Significance
      Your theme’s importance in the Canadian context 
    • Timeliness
      Any significant, related anniversaries or upcoming events 
    Please remember that stamp theme selection happens 2 years in advance of release. If your suggestion involves time-sensitive events, please be aware this may affect its eligibility.

    Please note that Canada Post does not pay for stamp theme suggestions, whether or not we use them.*

    Mail your theme description to:
    Chairperson of the Stamp Advisory Committee
    Canada Post Corporation
    2701 Riverside Drive Suite N0875
    Ottawa ON K1A 0B1

    What happens next
    Our Stamp Advisory Committee of Canadian history, design and philatelic experts reviews submissions once a year. After this, our Board of Directors reviews the committee’s recommendations to make the final selections.

    We recognize and appreciate all suggestions. As a participant, you’ll be notified when the selections have been made with an announcement of the chosen themes for the year.
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