Delivery accommodation program

Delivering more for all Canadians

Canada Post strives to make delivery services accessible to all Canadians. The delivery accommodation program offers a variety of accommodations to support residential customers with functional limitations to access packages and mail.

We offer accommodations that make mailboxes easier to use, and we may be able to provide home delivery where it's difficult for customers to go to their mailbox. Customers residing in cities, suburbs and rural areas are welcome to request accommodation.

Mailbox accessibility enhancements

Compartment tray

A sliding compartment tray can make it easier to see and reach small packages and mail. Trays are available for most community mailboxes.

Close up of hands opening a community mailbox and sliding out an accessible compartment tray containing mail.

Key turner

A key turner makes it easier to insert, turn and remove your community mailbox compartment key.

Close up of a hand using an accessible key turner to unlock a community mailbox compartment.

Compartment change

We may be able to assign a different compartment at the requested height or position of the mailbox.

On a community mailbox, a 2-way arrow is indicating that a higher compartment and lower compartment can be switched.

Tactile writing or braille

We can add braille and raised letters and numbers to mailbox compartments, parcel compartments and parcel key tags.

Close up of a community mailbox key and tag showing braille.

Package and mail delivery

Home delivery

For customers unable to access their mailbox, home delivery may be possible. Packages are delivered daily and mail is delivered weekly. Approval for this accommodation requires supporting documentation.

A man in a wheelchair accepts a delivery from a mail carrier at his front door.

Reassigned mailbox location

We may be able to deliver packages and mail to another community mailbox that is more accessible.

A man in a wheelchair approaches an accessible community mailbox.

How to request an accommodation

You can request an accommodation through any of the following communication channels:

Accommodations may require a request form, which will be mailed to you with a postage-paid return envelope. We’ll be in touch once we receive the completed form (we strive to reply within 5 business days).

Our privacy policy

Canada Post will protect your personal information and will only use it for the purposes of determining your accommodation and administering this program.

For privacy information or access to your personal information, contact the Canada Post Privacy Office:

Send us a letter

Attention: Canada Post Privacy Office

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2701 Riverside Drive, Suite N1160

Ottawa, ON K1A 0B1

Call us

9 am to 4 pm ET, Monday to Friday


Accessibility at Canada Post

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