Accessibility strategy

A man in a wheelchair takes a package from a Canada Post community mailbox.A man in a wheelchair takes a package from a Canada Post community mailbox.A man in a wheelchair takes a package from a Canada Post community mailbox.

Canada Post’s accessibility strategy

We are working hard to ensure that our facilities, business partnerships, workforce, products and services are accessible to all Canadians.

Our accessibility strategy

Four pillars for greater accessibility

Canada Post’s accessibility strategy aligns with the focus areas of the Accessible Canada Act. Our goal was to adopt a proactive approach to identifying, removing and preventing barriers and to integrate accessibility improvements across our offerings to customers and employees. The strategy has 4 guiding pillars:
Two employees in a Canada Post sorting facility communicate in sign language, one has a visible hearing aid.

1. Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce culture

Our goal is to become an inclusive employer of choice by leveraging a diverse talent pool and removing barriers to enable the full participation of people with disabilities in the work environment. Our initiatives:

  • Embed accessibility and inclusion into our culture through awareness, education and socialization
  • Attract, grow and retain diverse talent that is representative of the fabric of Canada
  • Effectively recruit people with disabilities and ensure they can build a full and meaningful career at Canada Post
A post office employee conducts a transaction with a customer. A wheelchair user with a service dog waits in line.

2. Delighting our customers

Our goal is to create a more welcoming and inclusive experience for all our customers. Our initiatives:

  • Improve the delivery experience through enhanced customer service
  • Increase the accessibility of our products, services and programs, as well as our digital features and applications
  • Promote accessibility initiatives to Canadians through community engagement
Exterior of a new Canada Post drive-thru Parcel Centre.

3. Building accessible barrier-free spaces

Our goal is to make our post offices, administrative offices, depots and processing facilities accessible to users. Our initiatives:

  • Ensure all new buildings are accessible
  • Audit and enhance accessibility in our network of existing buildings
  • Work with third-party partners that offer Canada Post services, such as dealer post offices, to enhance accessibility
A woman in a wheelchair shakes hands with a man across a conference table during a business meeting.

4. Seeking more inclusive business opportunities

Our goal is to promote accessibility and inclusion in our supply chain, and create opportunities for business owners from the disability community. Our initiatives:

  • Create opportunities for businesses that support robust accessibility practices or are owned/operated by people with disabilities
  • Ensure procurement processes are accessible to all potential suppliers, including people with disabilities
  • Collaborate with networks to leverage and share best practices