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This campaign showed me how direct mail could give you a degree of precision, closeness, and engagement that we didn’t get with digital.

– Christine Girard
Communications Director, Cité de la Santé Foundation

Success stories

Discover how organizations and businesses have used data tools to optimize audience targeting.

Cité de la Santé Foundation direct mail envelope and donation card.

Cité de la Santé Foundation

The not-for-profit foundation combined their first-party data with Canada Post data tools to reveal profile segments matching the geographic, demographic and behavioural tendencies of current donors.

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A Pizza Salvatoré direct mail flyer with a series of coupons and offers.

Pizza Salvatoré

The pizzeria used data tools to overlay numerous data sets and demographics, identifying and targeting under-exploited areas where competition was weak.

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Licensed data tools

Create your next campaign mailing list in-house at an affordable cost. Data is accessed through a File Transfer Protocol (FTP), uploaded monthly. See the data production schedule for data release dates.

The Toronto city skyline with a park in the foreground.

Postal Code Address Data

A list of all the postal codes in the country and the range of addresses associated with each one.

  • Validate addresses to improve data hygiene
  • Overlay and link other data to better understand customers and prospects and to analyze campaign results

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A row of large commercial printing equipment.

Delivery Mode Data

Provides all the information you need to presort your mail and get the best price for your mailing.

  • Target specific markets at the micro level
  • Prepare special handling mail

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A Canada Post truck parked on the street in the Gastown neighbourhood of Vancouver.

Householder Data

Indicates the number of houses, apartments, farms and businesses within an area defined by the first 3 characters of a postal code (forward sortation area or FSA), broken down by delivery routes.

  • Analyze market awareness and penetration rates by assessing key markets by FSA or by routes

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Aerial view of houses in a neighbourhood with cul-de-sacs.

Householder Elite Data

Indicates the number of houses, apartments, farms and businesses within a complete postal code area, broken down by delivery routes.

  • Target delivery routes based on market penetration
  • Determine postal codes with the highest response rates
  • Build a comprehensive CRM with demographic data

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Interior view of a new post office with self-serve kiosks.

Postal Outlet Data

Outlines all the postal outlets that are open, closed or amalgamated in Canada, with their respective serving delivery installation.

  • Enhance corporate security and mitigate fraud
  • Ensure ecommerce merchandise is shipping to a secure location

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Long exposure photo of a downtown city street at twilight, with red lights blurred into continuous lines.

Postal Code Latitude/Longitude Data

See geographic coordinates at the postal code level (town or city level in rural areas), along with the number of houses and apartments within a postal code.

  • Gather business intelligence
  • Link demographic and geographic data to analyze campaigns

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Two women work at the counter of a boutique style shop, one holds a tablet and one reads from a page of paper.

Postal Code Conversion File

Find out how postal codes and Statistics Canada’s standard census geographic areas can be used together.

  • Map your data for spatial analysis
  • Enhance targeting with curated mailing lists and targeted offers to key demographics

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A woman smiles as she retrieves packages from a parcel locker in an apartment building lobby.

Postal Box Data

All postal codes for apartment/condo lockboxes, parcel lockers and post office boxes, including the number of addresses associated with each postal box type.

  • Measure campaign responses for multi-unit buildings
  • Gather business intelligence to reach and target consumers

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Additional data solutions

A man and woman chat in an office as they look at a tablet device.

Clean your customer list

Ensure you have accurate addresses to increase response rates, reach more customers and reduce undeliverable mail costs.

Clean your data

A man and woman are at the counter of a plant shop, referring to a laptop as they chat.

Rent our prospect lists

Acquire new customers by targeting residential and business addresses using postal codes and demographics attributes.

Refine your targets

A man is presenting charts and graphs to two people sitting at a desk and taking notes.

Data visualization

See how customer data overlaps with store locations, prior campaign results and audience characteristics to optimize future campaigns.

Visualize your data

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