Data visualization

Take the guesswork out of data

Our data visualization tool shows how your customer data overlaps with store locations, prior campaign results and audience characteristics to refine targeting. Optimize future campaigns, uncover new audience insights and maximize campaign results.

All of this data insight is something that we’ve never really been able to see before. Working with Canada Post has helped us understand the opportunities we have available to us.

– Raunie Ratcliffe
Owner/Operator, Dr. Green Lawn Care Services

Success stories

Discover how brands have grown sales by using data visualization to make smarter targeting decisions.

A Dr. Green direct mail card offering customers a limited time offer for savings.

Dr. Green

The lawn services company used data visualization to refine its direct mail campaign, compounding market sales growth by up to 30%.

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A Pizza Salvatoré direct mail flyer with a series of coupons and offers.

Pizza Salvatoré

The pizzeria used data visualization to identify and target under-exploited areas where customers were plenty and competition was weak.

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New insights to reach new customers

Neighbourhood map graphic with an area highlighted and a checklist showing the ability to select/deselect data layers.

Custom interactive dashboard

Display and interact with multiple data layers to get insights on your customers and market.

Neighbourhood map graphic with “Stores” and “Customers” selected in a checklist of demographics.

Data layers

Select data points such as store or competitor locations, combined with demographics and more.

Neighbourhood map graphic with multiple postal code areas highlighted.

Target geography

View postal codes that best match your target audience and marketing objectives.

Neighbourhood map graphic identifying campaign results by colour for “Visited”, “Mailed & visited” and “Mailed”.

Campaign optimization

Analyze previous campaign results and use the insights to optimize your next campaign.

Confidence and clarity through data

Data is only valuable when turned into actionable insights. Visualization puts data on a map to help you see patterns and opportunities – insights you need to make informed, data-driven decisions.

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Amplify your impact and drive results

A man and a woman are pictured behind a banner reading, “Secrets of Direct Mail Webinar”.

Uncover opportunities

Our webinar reveals how data visualization can be leveraged to make confident decisions. Learn how to take your marketing strategy to the next level with actionable insights.

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A woman presents data visualization charts and graphs on a large touch screen in a boardroom.

Mapping your way

Data visualization and mapping tools structure data in ways that offer new relevance and perspective. Discover how to apply data insights in a meaningful way.

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Still of a Canada Post video titled “Finding Your Target with Direct Mail”.

Big data, big understanding

Seeing is believing when it comes to data. Explore 5 ways data visualization reveals marketing possibilities and enables informed decision making.

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Additional data solutions

A group of people smile while sitting a large office meeting table.

License our data

Improve your mailing lists and run in-depth post-campaign analyses to better understand your audience and optimize targeting.

Build your lists

A man and woman are at the counter of a plant shop, referring to a laptop as they chat.

Rent our prospect lists

Acquire new customers by reaching residential and business addresses using postal codes and demographics attributes.

Refine your targets

A man and woman chat in an office as they look at a tablet device.

Clean your customer list

Ensure you have accurate addresses to increase response rates, reach more customers and reduce undeliverable mail costs.

Clean your data

Privacy and confidentiality

We're committed to complying with our obligations under the federal Privacy Act. Our name and address database starts with our postal code based address information and is expanded with information from publicly available telephone directories and consumer-based surveys. We also use statistical postal code level data provided by government departments and/or private-sector data aggregators. These sources do not give businesses any access to any personally identifiable information.

Visit our privacy centre to learn about our privacy policies.

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