Display rates and delivery dates

Provide shipping speeds and cost of delivery at checkout

Give your customers accurate total shipping costs and a choice of delivery options and speeds upfront at checkout. Ship anywhere in Canada and around the world.

Why offer upfront rates and delivery dates

Increased sales

Giving customers a choice can get you the sale. 20% of shoppers will complete their online purchase if offered delivery speed options at checkout.

Shoppers want options

Reduce shopper frustration by setting clear delivery expectations.

Get real-time costs

Your customers can enter a delivery destination, and see multiple pricing options.

Here's how it works

Merchants and retailers can integrate real-time rates and delivery dates (called Rating) to deliver a better end-to-end shopping experience:

  1. When a customer places an order, your website will call our shipping and rates database.
  2. You provide size and weight specs for the parcel and all eligible shipping methods and costs will be provided to the customer.
  3. You or your customer can select the preferred shipping method based on desired speed or cost.

How to get started