Track and find

    Want the status of your parcel or looking for a postal code?

    Use these quick links to track your parcel, find address information or figure out how long it takes to deliver a parcel anywhere in Canada.

    Shipping and mailing quick links

    Track a letter or parcel

    Find out when your letter or parcel will arrive and set up email notifications to track the status.

    Find a postal code

    If you have an address, we can find the postal code for you.

    Find an address

    Enter a postal code and we’ll give you the full address information.

    Find a post office

    We have more than 6,200 post offices across Canada. Find the one nearest you.

    Find a deposit location

    Locate the most convenient facility to drop off your mailing or shipment.

    Find a delivery standard

    Enter the postal code of where you want a parcel shipped, and we’ll give you options on delivery speeds.

    Redirect a package

    Redirect and track a package already in transit.