Community Mailbox Frequent Questions

    Find answers to your questions about community mailboxes

    How to find your new community mailbox

    Contact us if you’ve recently moved into a new home that’s already serviced by a community mailbox, but don’t know the compartment number of your mailbox. Our support team can let you know where your community mailbox is located as well as your module and compartment number.

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    How to get your compartment number

    To find out which compartment is assigned to your address please contact us. You can also request a lock change and new keys online by creating a service ticket.

    How to get a compartment and keys after a move

    If the realtor or previous owners are unable to provide you with the keys to your community mailbox compartment, you can request a lock change and a new set of keys online by creating a service ticket.

    Request keys for your community mailbox

    What to do if you lose your compartment keys

    If you’ve lost one of your community mailbox keys, have your spare key copied at any hardware store or locksmith. If you’ve lost both keys, complete the online form to request new keys. The cost to replace lost keys is $29 plus applicable taxes. The fee can be paid at the post office when you are notified to pick up the new keys.

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    Mailbox key not working?

    If one of your community mailbox keys is not working, try the second key. If you still can’t open your compartment, complete the online form.  to request a new lock and new keys.

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    Have you just moved and need new keys?

    If you have just moved to a new residence where you’ll receive mail at a community mailbox, complete the online form to request new keys.

    • You’ll receive a notice card when your keys are ready. Bring it along with government-issued photo identification to the post office indicated on your notice card.
    • You can use the notice card to confirm the location and compartment number of your community mailbox.
    • The cost to replace lost or stolen community mailbox keys is $29 plus taxes.
    • If your keys do not work, we will replace both the lock and your keys at no charge.

    To protect the privacy and security of your mail, we do not keep copies of the keys to your community mailbox.

    Apartment, group mail boxes or business mail boxes

    We don’t maintain locks and keys for apartment or business mail boxes. Please contact your building manager or superintendent. For group mail boxes, you’re responsible for securing, maintaining and replacing the locks and keys yourself.

    Is snow preventing you from getting to your mailbox?

    If you can’t retrieve your mail from the mailbox due to snow buildup, you can request snow clearance online by creating a service ticket.

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