Questions about your discounts, rates and pricing for your Solutions for Small BusinessTM account

    For customers transitioning from a large-volume contract to a Canada Post Solutions for Small Business TM account.

    I no longer have access to a commercial (parcel or direct mail) agreement. Where can I see my new rates?

    The tiered pricing rate sheets are available online. It’s simple.

    1. Sign in to
    2. Click on My Profile
    3. Click on “Your Savings Level”. Your Savings Levels and rate sheets for both parcel and direct mail services are available here to view or to download
    Will I have the same rates that I had before, when I was a Commercial customer?

    Customers may benefit from better pricing, have the same rates or you may pay more than current rates based on your company’s spend and volume on shipping and direct mail pieces.

    How can I find out what my rates are?

    Rates are available online by signing into My Profile and selecting Your Savings Level.