Creating an order

Manually prepared orders

To prepare an Order (Statement of Mailing), you’ll need:

  • To prepare a mailing plan
  • To complete a Neighbourhood Mail™ Delivery Slip

Manually preparing your Order (Statement of Mailing)

To prepare your Statement of Mailing, you’ll need the:

  • Customer name
  • Customer account number
  • Order serial number
  • Control number or numbers of each Neighbourhood Mail™ Delivery Slip in the mailing (you may have more than one Neighbourhood Mail mailing for a delivery facility, depending on the nature of your campaign)
  • Postal code of the delivery facility listed on each Neighbourhood Mail mailing
  • Volumes to be forwarded to each delivery facility

Preparing your Delivery Slip

Your Neighbourhood Mail Delivery Slip has two parts:

  • Part 1 of the Delivery Slip has all the information we need to identify and deliver your Neighbourhood Mail. You attach the completed first page to the residue bundle in the last container sent to each delivery facility.
  • Part 2 of the Delivery Slip is your proof of payment. Keep this for your own records.
A blank Neighbourhood Mail delivery slip (Form Number 40-076-527)

Form Number 40-076-527

Please note: Before you attach a residue bundle in the last container and send Neighbourhood Mail to a delivery facility, it must receive at least one:

  • Back stamp from the Receipt Verification Unit (on the completed delivery slip)
  • Back stamp by corporate retail counter (on the completed delivery slip)
  • Corporate retail counter barcoded label (on the completed delivery slip)

You can’t access contract prices using a manual order. We’ll subject manual orders containing contract prices to applicable non-contract prices upon deposit. The applicable volume will still count toward your Agreement’s annual volume commitment when you deposit mailings at a Receipt Verification Unit (RVU).