Spotting a counterfeit postal money order

You can spot a fake postal money order by checking the following security features.

Postal money order security features

Security feature Description
Watermark One or two beaver-shaped watermarks are visible when held up to the light.
Micro printing

Horizontal lines on the front bottom read:


1-800 phone number 1-800-563-0444 is the only phone number used to verify validity. Fraudsters might use an alternate phone number and give false validation codes.
Fluorescent fibres Writing on the back is visible under ultraviolet light.
Maximum amount CAN$999.99
Altered dollar value

For example, someone alters a money order with the value of $8.00 to $800.00.

  • Look for smudges of the ink
  • Look for visible differences in the font
  • Look for other numbers showing through the amount displayed
  • When you scan the barcode on the money order, verify it matches the serial number printed on the top right-hand side of the money order (Counterfeit money orders won't match)