Purchasing a money order

To buy a money order, you must pay the amount (face value) on the money order plus a fee for the service. 

The maximum amount per money order is CAN$999.99. 

The fee per money order is CAN$8.50. We’ll apply a separate fee to each additional money order you buy. 

Cash and debit card are the only acceptable methods of payment (you can’t pay with a credit card). Terms and conditions apply. Visit a post office for more information.  

What you need to know

When buying a money order, you must: 

  • Provide the following names at the time of purchase: 
    • Sender (person or business) 
    • Payee (person or business) 
  • Show a valid piece of government-issued photo ID for all money orders of CAN$3,000 or more (including fees and exchange, if applicable). You must pay applicable fees in Canadian currency. 

These requirements protect your money order. Only the payee you choose, and whose name you imprint on the money order, will be able to cash it. 

We can only issue you a money order if you provide the ‘Sender’ and the ‘Pay To’ (payee) names. Without this information, we can’t complete the transaction. 

Direct service

Direct service lets you buy a postal poney order and send it directly to the payee in Canada, where the payee cashes the money order at its face value. You can either mail it to the destination or deliver it yourself.

Please note:

Post offices must record specific information and complete a financial transaction report if:

  • The total transaction amount (including fees and exchange, if applicable) is CAN$3,000 or more (regardless of method of payment)


  • Multiple transactions are completed by or on behalf of the same person in a 24-hour period totaling CAN$10,000 or more

If the transaction seems suspicious, the post office must complete a suspicious/attempted suspicious transaction report. Post offices may refer to “Targeting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing at your post office” in the training binder issued in September 2009.