Cashing a money order

A money order issued in Canada may be cashed at any post office in Canada (without charge). You can also cash or deposit your money order at your financial institution. A money order payable to a business or other organization may only be cashed at their financial institution.

You may cash money orders if you're either the:

  • Sender at a post office (only if the money order is unused)


  • Payee (identified in the “Pay To” section of the money order)

Sometimes a post office may not have enough funds available to cash your money order immediately. In that case, you can visit another post office or come back at a later time.

Note that some financial institutions may charge a fee for foreign postal money orders.

You must bring government-issued ID with you to cash a postal money order. You also may need to show acceptable identification with money order transactions, including transaction inquiries.


You can ask for a refund for a postal money order that hasn’t been cashed. Call us at 1-800-563-0444 and be ready to give the serial number (printed on your sales receipt) of the money order.

Only the sender (the name of the person that’s printed in the “Sender” section of the money order) can request a refund. A third party can’t request a refund.

The purchase fee is non-refundable.