International money transfer

    Send money conveniently and affordably

    Use MoneyGram to send money transfers within Canada and around the world. Pay a $4 flat fee* for transfers up to $100. Send and receive money or start an electronic transfer with MoneyGram online and make the payment at the post office to save time.

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    Offering you more at the post office

    Our partnership with MoneyGram enables you to reliably and affordably send money transfers around the world from over 5,200 post office locations.

    Why use MoneyGram

    It’s quick and affordable

    Send low fee money transfers to loved ones for cash pick up or directly to a bank account in as little as 10 minutes**.

    No bank account necessary

    Pay for money transfers in cash, without a bank account.

    Protect your money

    Send funds reliably and receive a receipt with a reference number for your transfer from any of our 5,200 post office locations.

    3 ways to receive money

    Receive a MoneyGram via e-transfer, as a Canada Post money order or in cash amounts up to $500***.

    How much does a money transfer cost?

    Send up to $100 for the flat fee* of $4.
    If you’re sending more than $100, use the online MoneyGram calculator to find out how much the transfer will cost.

    How to send a money transfer

    Send your money from the post office, start the transfer online and complete the process at the post office or send entirely online.

    Transfer money

    1. Go to the post office
      Find a post office convenient to you.
    2. Provide information on the recipient
      • When sending transfers for cash pickup: Bring your identification, the address and name of your recipient that is shown on their identification as well as your payment method.
      • When sending transfers directly to a bank account: Bring your identification, the recipient’s full legal name, their bank name, their account number and bank’s address as well as your method of payment. Account details vary by country with some requiring additional information.
    3. Complete your transfer 
      Pay the transfer fee and the amount you want by cash or debit card. Please note that you can’t pay by credit card.
    4. Get your MoneyGram reference number  
      Give the MoneyGram reference number to the person receiving the money.

    Start your money transfer online

    1. Go to MoneyGram  
      Log in or create a MoneyGram account.
    2. Complete the money transfer form 
      Fill out information about yourself and the person you’re sending money to and you will be provided a barcode.
    3. Pay for your transfer at the post office
      Go to a post office location near you with your barcode. Pay the transfer fee and for the amount you’re sending by cash or debit card.

    Do more with MoneyGram

    Receive money transfers

    Bring your identification and reference number in to a MoneyGram agent location to receive your money transfer by Canada Post money order, e-transfer or in cash.
    Find a MoneyGram location near you

    Pay bills

    Pay for utilities, phone bills, cable bills and more. Bring your account and bill information in to a  post office near you to pay your bill in cash or by debit. Choose same day or next day payment and get a receipt as proof of payment for your records.
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