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Why you should partner with us

Grow your business

We’re one of the biggest buyers of business goods and services domestically and around the world.

Fair procurement process

We consider all suppliers equally during our procurement processes.


We disclose all the details of our requirements, evaluation criteria and selection process to our suppliers.

Customer satisfaction

We provide reliable, affordable and accessible mail services to the entire country.

Bid on contracts

We welcome public and private businesses of all sizes to respond to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) by submitting a bid or proposal for the contract.

Transportation contracts

Browse air and ground transportation contracts and submit your proposal for consideration.

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Goods and services contracts

Access goods, materials, technology and professional services contracts and submit a bid for review.

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What to include in your RFP submission

Whether you’re submitting a proposal directly from our website or using MERX, you’ll need to provide the following information in your bid or proposal:

Price proposal

Include all rates, fees and charges that are indicated in the RFP.

Technical proposal

Fill out details on work requirements, mandatory criteria and provide information on rated criteria.

Terms and conditions

Respond to the proposed contract terms and conditions as well as the supplier code of conduct.

Additional information

Include information on all other proposal requirements, including security, privacy, declaration of a conflict of interest and more.

How we decide who gets the contract

Proposals are managed by the Solicitation Control Office to ensure fairness and efficiency. Here’s the process once proposals are submitted:

  • Proposals are dated, time stamped and held under custody until the application closing date.
  • Submissions are passed to the Contracting Authority for review and to assure completeness.
  • Following the initial review, submissions are passed to the Evaluation team for review of compliance and evaluation of the bid.
  • Businesses are notified of the results of their bid. Unsuccessful bidders are offered a debriefing of the decision.
  • Suppliers of approved bids must follow our Supplier Code of Conduct and all other terms and conditions of the contract.

Get details on our purchasing practices, invoicing and payments processes.

Be included in the eProcurement catalogue

Suppliers who have contracts with Canada Post may have their goods and services included in the eProcurement catalogue.

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