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These trends could define ecommerce in 2023

Explore 9 must-know Canadian consumer trends that will have a big impact.

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Master shipping to Canada

Get 10 tips to navigate cross-border shipping and get your packages into Canadians’ hands with ease.

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Direct mail is the channel you need to reach Canadians

Master it with our Essential Guide to Direct Mail.

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Thrive despite constant change with our new report

What merchants and Candian online shoppers told us in recent research can give you valuable insights to navigate the ever-evolving world of ecommerce, allowing your business to thrive in the face of constant change.

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Plan and execute successful

Data is the key to pulling off great marketing campaigns.

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Measure and test for better results

Find out how to get more from your campaigns in our blog post.

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Improve your returns policy to attract Canadians

Your strategy has a bigger impact than you think. Be sure your returns policy keeps the experience smooth for your customers from start to finish.

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Are you ready to offer free shipping?

Our experts have created a handy guide to help you make the decision.

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How Wayfair uses direct mail

Discover how they use it to reach Canadian online shoppers.

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Our best-kept secrets are out!

Watch our Secrets of Direct Mail webinar series on demand to discover them.

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Learn how industry leaders around the world use direct mail

Our magazine INCITE uncovers their secrets to success.

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You don't have to subscribe to get INCITE – we also republish INCITE articles as blogs.

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Get inspired by INCITE case studies

We use them to explore incredible direct mail campaigns from around the world.

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Sustainability is not a fad

Find out why it's here to stay and what shoppers value most about it.

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Here's everything you need to know about packaging

Discover how you can package for success.

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Get campaign inspiration

See how marketers are using direct mail to improve campaign performance. Watch their campaign videos.

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Get the facts on direct mail

Learn how effectively it connects, captivates and converts.

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Don't repeat, reinvent

You can't follow the same path if you want to get somewhere new. To thrive, you need to adopt a reinvention mindset.

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Stay ahead of the ecommerce curve

Keep your finger on the pulse of online shoppers' expectations with our ecommerce research and insights.

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