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Are you ready for a direct conversation about the evolving direct-to-consumer landscape? Things might not be as clear – or as ‘direct’ – as they were just a few years ago, but many brands are finding new ways to grow closer to audiences.

  • Direct and connected

    Understand how far digital ‘retail-ification’ has gone.

  • A new role for everyone

    Explore marketing’s role when brands can speak directly to customers.

  • Omni-channel activation

    Chart a course that bypasses the algorithm.

  • Let’s get physical

    Discover direct mail’s invaluable place in a direct landscape.

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"INCITE is one of the only true quality driven, data inspired marketing publications we have left to share great work and inspire our team."

Paul Tedesco, EVP, Managing Director, TrackDDB

Paul Tedesco
EVP, Managing Director

“We actively seek out shareable content that helps marketing professionals strengthen their impact on business success INCITE answers the call." Judy Morfitt, Marketing Lead, Canadian Marketing Association

Judy Morfitt, Marketing Lead, Canadian Marketing Association

Judy Morfitt
Marketing Lead,
Canadian Marketing Association

INCITE is my go-to resource to discover what's on the minds of marketers. I often quote from its pages knowing full well the information is well-researched and on the leading edge."

Christine McArthur, Managing Partner, Mass Minority

Christine McArthur
Managing Partner, Mass Minority

“If you’re looking for an insightful and inspiring take on Canada’s marketing landscape – you’ve found it.”

Nabil Rachid, Creative Director, The&Partnership

Nabil Rachid
Creative Director, The&Partnership

“I received a copy of INCITE and thought it was fantastic. I love the layout and content.”

Caius Tenche, Founder and Creative Director, Gearbox Experiential

Caius Tenche
Founder and Creative Director, Gearbox Experiential

“I love INCITE. A source of inspiration for me.”

Joanna Wiseberg, President, Red Scarf Gift Co.

Joanna Wiseberg
President, Red Scarf Gift Co.

Want to give your brand a competitive edge? We’ll show you how to seamlessly integrate direct mail into your media mix.

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